Sunday, August 02, 2009

SilverLight Organization Chart

There was an Organization Chart in the scope of one of the projects I’m managing, and it came to me the idea to make it in SilverLight the same way in

And here are the main points to make it out:

1. Working with Canvas
2. Drawing Lines and Boxes
3. Using ScrollViewer
4. Using Slider (for the scale)
5. Using SilverLight UserControls (the node element with the person information)
6. Reading data from XML files and web services
7. Some Calculations

And isA I’ll describe these main ideas in details during the coming days.

Update: for the source code go to


Skot said...

Hi Osama

Looks good - would it be possible for you to post some sample code, please?


Osama Mourad said...

Thanks Skot, actually there is code samples here

David said...


Very nice looking chart. Would you be able to post the complete code to do this?


Manoj Kumar Jain said...

Can Its Orientation be Left To Right?

Skot said...

Hi Osama

thanks for posting the source code (think this was sometime in 2010, right?).

I've only just come back to it now and it works great. I've added a WCF service to retrieve the data directly from Active Directory and added a couple of UI updates (search, expand, collapse, scaling). If you'd be interested in any of these updates, please let me know.


Manoj Kumar Jain said...

Hey Skot ,
Its great , Could you please share your updates ..?
I was Trying Search but failed ..
my Id is will be great Help from you...

Og Sim said...

Your code did wonders for me. The chart is very nice. it adjusts itself properly in the window depending upon number of nodes. very well done.
thanks for sharing.

Nachiket, Goa

ni kadek sri wahyuni said...
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ni kadek sri wahyuni said...
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ni kadek sri wahyuni said...

What if I want to change the double click handle into single click? Which part should I change? Thanks

ramysamir said...

Many Thanks Osama that help me in my job really many thanks

Manoj Kumar Jain said...

Scot , Kindly do share Collapse , Expand , search code .. I will be very thankful to you

Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

I dont use Microsoft products. Is there an alternative organization chart drawing method for net-beans or other opensource software that I can use?

Osama Mourad said...

You can use HTML5 to build this.