Sunday, December 27, 2009

Citizen Satisfaction

In my previous posts I talked about the customer satisfaction through requirements sign-off and through the project sign-off. Now I’ll talk a bit about customer satisfaction through a strong customer relationship.

Customer relationship it that thing that makes your customer fell as if he is talking to a friend and not just a service provider or a seller. Some peoples are great in that, they are building strong relations with peoples in general and with customers specially. But how to achieve that as a company? This is the questions that every manager should answer by himself! But there are tips and tools that may help; one of them is the Customer Relationship Management applications, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Siebel CRM, SAP CRM and SalesForce that will help you a lot by making a profile to your customer and store all the information that you will need on the right time, in the right place and to the right person.

Customers are sometimes just buyers to a product like a television or a mobile, or may be peoples that are using your service like hosting a web site or washing their cars. Patients are the doctors' and the hospitals' customers, students or the parents are the customers of a school or a university.

One of the great samples that my company delivered is the Citizen Relationship Management, as the citizen is equals to customer from the government side view, and satisfying the customer – citizen – is one of the challenges that face all the governments, and building strong relation with the citizens will build the needed trust between the two sides.

The same must be there between a company and the customers. As a customer I should call the customer service any time to find that the representative knows whom am I and when was my last call and what was the problem and if it is solved or not.

Managers should view the reports that displays the numbers/percentages of the problems that needs to be solved and the average response time, and can dig into the details for a certain customer to see his satisfaction level. Hopefully our Citizen Relationship Management in Egypt used so that our ministers know how much the citizens are satisfied from their ministry and its services.