Monday, September 14, 2009

Customer satisfaction VS Project sign-off

“Satisfaction”, is a very big word epically when it relate to customers. Satisfying a customer sometimes can’t be achieved, but we have to plan and work on making it.

In many companies, developers and all the related jobs like the graphics designers and even the project managers in some cases are all focusing on the delivery and the sign-off within the time frame in the first place then the budget then the quality. And no one is caring about the sales person and how his task may be impossible when he wants to make another deal with the same customer on another project or add new requirements to the same product.

Making new deals with the same customer mean “customer satisfaction” mainly not the feedback you are receiving from the customer as customers may not say it to you when they are not satisfied, but they will say it everywhere else the way that will affect your future business.

From my experience with customers especially in KSA, they are going with the one who are working on the satisfaction of the product’s end user not just the customer himself. Going to an extra point with most customers in our region is the main key even if he is very professional and understands that delivering the written agreed requirements must be the only thing that governs our tasks.

But also in all cases don’t go too much away from the project plan, and remember that you are hired to deliver the project, and sometimes you may need to say it to your customer that you can’t give him any extra point and you have to balance.

Customer satisfaction is not just a good or neutral feedback with the closure of the project; it is the things that force your customer not to go with your competitors in the next project (hopefully not the same project).

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