Saturday, March 27, 2010

SPSArabia: XSLT in SharePoint

Today it was my pleasure and honor to speak in SharePoint Saturday Arabia, my session was about “XSLT in SharePoint” starting from the difference between CSS and XSLT then different ways to transform the XML client side and server side then extending the XSLT with C# objects and methods, all of this as an introduction for the XSLT List View webpart and other webparts that use the XSLT like the CQWP.

But unfortunately I didn’t manage my time and I just give the introduction and just opened the SharePoint and the XSLT ListView WP.

It was nice experience for me to join like this event. And thanks for @AymanElhattab @MarwanTarek and @mohdyehia for organizing the event.

The presentation is available on

The Videos will be available soon on:

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