Saturday, October 17, 2009

20 Years Ago...

For me it sounds like an old man telling the story of his life, but it really seems like this when the story is that of the internet and computer technologies, comparing it to what was there about 20 years ago.

My PC was a 386 with only 1 MB ram, 1 floppy 5.25” (360 Kb, 1.2MB), floppy 3.5” (720 Kb, 1.44 MB) and a hard disk of 40 MB (I did not hear that any of my friends or relatives had larger than the 40 MB for another two years) this is how I started my life on computers, and it was something that our brains can accept bit by bit, but now things are changed and changed again two or three times without even hearing about the changes in between.

Today, it is a human right in Finland to have a broad band connection 1MB, you can access the internet anywhere via your mobile, but 15 years ago I was sharing the same internet password with 10 of my friends (only one user can log in at a time)

One MB email inbox, now I don’t know what is the used or the available space on my Gmail account.

I do not remember how many students from my school growing up had a computer at home they may have been 4 or 6 (not Atari or Shakhr) but now there are 600k new user registrations on Facebook every day!!

20 years ago, it was a fact that there is something named Magnetic Field and nothing about the Magnetricity, now Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,… are facts, and accept it or not, you are in the Google Age!


Doha said...

Yes Ossama, very true :)

I still remember that 5" floppy :)) now it seems too huge....Now we laugh if someone still uses the 3.5" floppy

But sometimes I think that technologies advance at a too fast pace that it is becoming hectic to cope. Today you buy a laptop and a year later it is already out of date!!! let us see where it goes tomorrow

Osama Mourad said...

It seems that Civil Engineering is the best, 7000 years and they still trying to know how they build the pyramids!