Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nice !!!

Nice #1:

This is the word that my son – 2 years - learned to say while patting on the cat; his mom told him to be nice with the cat and showed him how to pat smoothly, but he understand it as “pat a cat” = “Nice”.

Nice #2:

But I saw the word “Nice” in a blog, it was in the comments, and it was repeated many times plus some other words like “Extremely Interesting” and “Just Great”. I was happy to see these comments as the blog is related to a friend and a colleague and it was just his second post, but one comment stopped me, which is “You made some good points there” while the post was just a link to another website with two lines describing this link!

I started to check, who add this comment and I found that his name is redirecting to a loans website, and the surprise was that some other comments are added by the same user (same site URL) and most of the comments are added by someone just want to increase the number of the sites that referring to his site!

Nice #3:

I have received a link to in this page you will find a flash object with numbers that are changed so fast. It is the social media counter, it shows you how many new Twitter user, or how many video are watched now on YouTube, or how much Facebook collected from the Gifts. The user who post the article said that you can embed this counter in your site like this:

Very Nice!!!

But the first thing that I thought about is the number of hits to all this information sources; take into consideration that ANYONE can embed it anywhere, which means that extra number of hits; also it was very strange that this person know how to read all these updated information and with this high frequency, instantly I switched off my wireless connection, but the numbers still increasing!

Then I returned back to read and I found a link to the details page that his numbers are calculated based on facts, and not a real numbers.

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