Thursday, October 22, 2009

Waiting for SharePoint 2010

No date for releasing the software and no actual date as well for the beta version (possibly mid of November), but everyone is waiting.

But the good thing is that there is Development Hands-on Labs since the second day in the conference

Besides, there are ten modules to start developing on SharePoint 2010

As well, there will be a group of SharePoint 2010 courses (webcasts/offline) in December by a group of SharePoint MVPs (Andrew Connell is one of the instructors)

And today I have attended the Riyadh Community Summit, an event sponsored by Microsoft KSA and organized by three user groups in Riyadh:
1. Riyadh SharePoint User Group –
2. DevLifeStyle -
3. CΏdeβettěЯ -

The event was at Al Yamamah University where all the software events are currently happened there.

And it was really good to listen to someone talking about SharePoint 2010 at the same time as in #SPC09 (GDC09 will be in Riyadh isA 13-15 December)

BTW, at the end of today’s sessions, the two persons that were sitting beside me on both sides have won a 1 year access to and for me I have received a book “Object Thinking”

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