Monday, October 19, 2009

SharePoint 2010 - Day 1

It is 4:00 AM, and I’m online on twitter for more than three hours, trying to know as much as I can from the people at the SharePoint 2010 conference #SPC09, and it seems now that the most important thing is that #NoCofee and other people are asking about the #Power to recharge their laptops and mobiles (as per one of the attendees 40% are MAC).

Well, I just realized the importance of twitter, it is great, and people there are wearing shirts and hats with their Twitter ID on it, but some users are describing this as cacophony, but for me it is really interesting.

But actually I’m not going to talk about Twitter more than that, as I have to focus on SharePoint which I’ll work on isA and I have to manage some projects before they came up with the new versions - I’m sure it will be very soon.

SharePoint 2010 comes up with a lot of changes and new features; the most thing that disappointed me is the new Silverlight Organization Chart. So, what can I do now with my Silverlight OrgChart? :(

Now my plan is to:

1. Send email to my boss requesting some new Laptops and PCs for me and for my team. Check this link
2. Start reading and studding SharePoint 2010 – check this
3. SharePoint Designer 2010 – it will be free the same as 2007 – check this
4. Visual Studio 2010
5. .NET 4.0
6. Silverlight
7. More XSLT
8. More LINQ
9. PowerShell
10. …..
11. …..
12. …..
13. …..

Now what? It is the same as changing the study courses each year in the school “Sorry, but you must start again from KG1, everything is changed!” and with every new version we hear people say: “we will not find anything to do, the new application will do everything, and we will lose our jobs”, but actually with every new software and new programming language there are much more things to do, and I’m really excited to start developing with the new things.

But before developing, we have to support our sales team to bring new projects to be done over the new SharePoint, and as I’m working in KSA office, I think it is one of my tasks and it will start very soon isA.

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محمد راشد said...

Big WoW to sharepoint 2010 , really really amazing new features, I can't wait the release date.

thanks osama